RN Re-entry program

To maintain eligibility for registration, an RN licensed with the SRNA must practice 1125 hours in a 5-year period (Bylaw V. Registration. Section 3. Maintaining eligibility for registration). A person who has not maintained the 1125-hour practice bylaw must compete a re-entry program.

The Nursing Re-entry Program is offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, School of Nursing. Applicants must be referred to the program by the SRNA. Once an applicant is referred to the program, he/she has 3 years to complete the re-entry program.

Members completing the re-entry program must meet all requirements for licensure including good character. Note that regulations and entry requirements are subject to bylaw and policy changes. For information contact renew@srna.org  

Referral process

1. Log in to your account on the SRNA on-line Membership Database and update your contact information (address, phone number and email).

If you do not have an SRNA on-line account, create an account here  

2. Complete the Registration Renewal form.

For hours of practice- Enter zero hours by the year (e.g. 2016- 0 hours).

Select “pay later” when you are prompted to pay a fee. The fee will be paid at a later date when you are made eligible to apply for licensure. 

3. Send the SRNA a signed and dated letter with your name, mailing address and RN number, and request the SRNA to refer you to the RN Nursing Re-entry Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

In the letter include a brief outline of what you have been doing since you last practiced.

Mail the letter to: SRNA Registration Services, 2066 Retallack Street, Regina SK SRT 7X5 or email (with your electronic signature) to renew@srna.org 

4. Upon receipt of your letter, we will contact you to arrange for a brief interview to discuss your request and plans to complete the re-entry program within three years from the date you are referred to the program. You will also be asked to provide consent for the SRNA to discuss your progress with you and the faculty with the RN Nursing Re-entry Program, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Nursing Program. The consent form will be emailed to you.

5. Pay the referral verification letter fee ($52.50 including GST) for the referral. Payment can be made by contacting the SRNA office [306.359.4200 or 1.800.667.9945 or info@srna.org ]

Upon receiving a copy of the referral letter, you can then contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic to register for the program.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Nursing Re-entry which includes courses and fees.