Retired Nurse Membership

Members who have retired from the practice of registered nursing and who are in good standing with the SRNA are eligible to apply.  If you currently hold a practicing license; when your license expires November 30th you will then be eligible to apply for the Retired Membership. 

Retired membership will entitle you to the following:  

Use of one of the following designations: registered nurse (retired); RN (retired); registered nurse (NP) (retired); RN(NP) (retired) or nurse (retired). The use of this title cannot be utilized to promote products or to convey a regulated status

to vote and to hold office at the membership unit level

to be appointed to committees at the provincial level

to attend the annual meeting of the association

to receive the Newsbulletin of the association

As this is a onetime fee only, this category of membership is not renewed annually.   You will receive a certificate showing the date of retirement as of the date the membership is processed at the SRNA office.

As Retired Membership is offered onetime, please ensure you do not plan to return to work within the next 5 years before applying for this status.   

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Once your account has been set up, go to MYSRNA to see your options.